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All plates served with rice & beans
Add cheese to any plate for $1.29

Cheese, beef or chicken enchiladas rolled in corn tortillas, topped with enchilada gravy and melted cheese.
|3 Cheese | or | 2 Beef or Chicken $7.99 |
Soft Tacos
2 Beef or chicken tacos rolled in corn tortillas, topped with ranchera sauce & cheese. $7.99

Beef or chicken fajitas served with grilled onions and peppers. $9.99
Steak a la Mexicana 
Diced beef sauteed with fresh tomatoes, onions, & jalapenos. $8.99

Carne Guisada 
Tender beef tips in seasoned gravy. A TOMMY'S FAVORITE!!! $8.99

Grilled Chicken Breast 
Grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed onions, melted Monterey jack cheese and guacamole. $9.99

Crispy Tacos
3 tacos, your choice of beef or chicken. $7.99
Puffy Tacos
Light, crisp puffy tacos filled with your choice of beef or chicken. $9.99
Mole Enchiladas
2 chicken enchiladas with mole sauce and Monterrey jack cheese. $8.99
2 Golden fried gorditas filled with your choice of beef, chicken or carne guisada. $9.99
Chalupas Compuestas
2 Crisp chalupa shells topped with beans, picadillo, lettuce, tomato & cheese. $9.99
HOMEMADE TORTILLAS ~ Ask your server about daily lunch specials.
TOMMY'S Burger
A juicy all-beef patty served on grilledbun with lettuce, tomato, onions, and fries. $6.99 | with cheese $7.99 | w/ cheese / bacon $8.99
All combos served with rice & beans.

Enchilada Combo
Two cheese enchiladas served with your choice of beef or chicken fajitas, steak a la Mexicana or carne guisada. $9.99
Mexcian Plate
Cheese enchilada, and a crispy beef taco. $6.99
Deluxe Plate
Two beef enchiladas, crispy beef taco & beef chalupa compuesta. $10.99
Old San Antonio Special
Two cheese enchiladas, steak a la mexicana & one beef gordita, served with guacamole. $11.99
Senior Special
Your choice of a crispy beef taco, a chalupa or enchilada.  $5.59
**prices and availabity subject to change**
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